Some of Our Happy Readers


I have all of T.P Just's Animal peculiarity books. The information available in these books is top notch.
John Hickleberry

"Couldn't leave the book down"

There's so many stories about the escapades of wild animals. When I read one story I just felt I had to continue reading to find out what animal the next story related to.
James Collimore

"Isn't it amazing what animals are capable of doing "

Imagine an Octopus being able to eat one of it's own tentacles when it's hungry,and of course the most unbelievable part...It grows back again!! I intend buying the whole twenty seven books over the next few weeks.
Jason Reddin
Oxford United Kingdom

"I thought I knew almost everything about wild animals"

As I read through these books I am learning more and more about the animal kingdom. Things I never thought possible,such as; Hyenas are male and female, difficult to imagine,but true.
Miguel Herandez
New Mexico
United States

"I Love the animal stories"

I love the way each animal picture has great short story with it.
Abhishek Sudhaker